Item No:S FILM



 PDLC Smart Film (polymer dispersed liquid film), is a high-tech product that can switch from opaque to transparent instantaneously under electricity application. It is transparent when power on and back to opaque when power off. It can regulate and adjust the light transmittance pass with the variance supply of electricity.


S-Film Structure Principle

S-Film is composed of layers of coated elements. When the film is under off state, the randomly aligned liquid crystal molecules stay along on the walls of capsule, the reflection of liquid crystal molecules and polymer makes light disperses then it is opaque. While electricity supplied, these molecules arrange themselves in a specific direction then parallel light can pass through the film makes it transparent.   


S-Film Applications - Glass Lamination

  • Supper clear tempered glass, over 80% light transmission.

  • High flat tempered surface in case of optical distortion.

  • High quality manufactured for EVA or PVB lamination

S-Film Applications – Architectural

  • Use as Privacy Electronic curtain, Climate Control, and/or Multimedia (Projection) building material.

  • Low voltage range at 36V with a power consumption of 2.8W/m2

  • Perfect for a variety of Indoor (Privacy) Partition or Digital Display: bathroom, storefront projection display, office/meeting room partition, building glass-window green-building insulator.


World-Class Manufacturing Facility

At ISO level, our dust-free (Clean-Room) production plant is equipped with our proprietary roll-to-roll & high precision manufacturing machineries.