50mm Cordless Foamwood Blind

Item No:HB082

Metal Headrail & PVC Bottom Rail


  • Cordless blinds are safer for kids and pets. These blinds have no dangling cords providing more stylish and cleaner look to your window decor. This new line of faux wood blinds are budget-friendly, yet the quality of the blinds are not compromised.
  • Our cordless blinds come with wand tilt only. No more pull cords to raise and lower the blinds. Simply hold the bottom rail and pull either up or down to the position that you want.|
  • Includes tilt wand to adjust slats & control how much sunlight streams into your room
  • To Operate: Simply Push Button and Lift or Lower Bottom Rail to Raise or Lower Blind
  • Window blinds are the most popular solution for light control and privacy. They are easy to install and almost maintenance-free.